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2013 brochure

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks so very much! How wonderful to feel that the Spirit has moved you, that the work is connecting. God bless you as well

  2. We visited your recent show in Arnprior and were impressed and moved by your work. Yours is an exceptional talent Suzanne – anyone who sees your icons up close and examines the beautiful detailed work they contain will be driven to possess a completely unique, sacred work of art.
    A & V Ducharme

  3. Thank you so much, Annette and Vital for visiting my studio in Arnprior and for sharing your kind feedback and interest in the icons written by my hand. It is a gift and my joy to do this work and to share these images of the invisible made visible. God’s blessings to you and family,
    Suzanne MM

  4. Hello Suzanne, Thank you for your phone message of Sunday. I am very swamped right now. I actually have to move out of my house asap. I will be in Ottawa next week. I can call you then. I also will give you my phone number (613) 929-2041. I am very interested in the 5-day workshop with you. Currently, I have no work in Ottawa, so my time is more free than it might be later on. I am taking some classes at St Paul University. Blessings, Karen

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